Construction Consultants 
  Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Providing research, analysis, opinions and testimony to the Law Profession 

Expert Witness and Consulting for construction related cases and claims.

Over thirty years of broad background experience in Heavy Equipment, Roadway, Site and General Construction.

We provide Expert Witness Opinions and Testimony relating to: 
Accidents and Personal Injury involving Heavy Equipment and Trucks
Construction site Slip and Falls
Work Zone Safety
Project Site Safety
Traffic Control
Pedestrian Safety
Worker Protection
Trench Safety and Protection
Safe/Unsafe operation of Equipment and Trucks

Personal Injury cases resulting from: 
Deviation from Industry Standards
Unsafe Means and Methods
Lack of adequate safety measures
Unsafe operation of equipment and trucks
Defective Workmanship
Incidental third party injury or damage from operations

Damages resulting from:
Substandard Workmanship
Lack of proper supervision/inspection
Unforeseen conditions
Deviation from Industry Standards and established Means and Methods







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