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                             Areas of Expertise

           Personal Injury and Damage Claims

Construction Accident Investigation and Analysis:

Forensic Analysis
Work Zones and Project Sites
Heavy Equipment and Trucks
Trench Safety and Cave-In Accidents
Backing Over and Crushing Accidents
Collapsed Stairways
Heavy Equipment Pinch Points and Swing Areas
OSHA Regulations and Compliance
Traffic Safety Patterns and Control
Conformity with ADA requirements
Slip and Falls
Pedestrian Safety
Worker Protections and Methods
Unsafe Operation of Construction Equipment and Trucks
Deviations from Industry Standards
Equipment Safety Labeling
Unsafe or Improper Means and Methods
Defective and Dangerous Workmanship
Unforeseen Conditions and subsequent injuries
Competent Person/Supervisory Flow 
Incidental Third Party Injury resulting from operations

Damages Claims:

Industry Standards of Care Analysis
Means and Methods Analysis
Project Scope and Implementation
Contract Plans and Specifications Review
Owner - Contractor Relationship
Change Orders and Project Scope Changes
Faulty Workmanship
Lack of Supervision, Training or Inspection

Quantification of Physical Damage Analysis:

Defective or Substitute Materials
Poor Workmanship
Project Staging/Scheduling Errors
Deviation from Project Plans and Specifications
Conflicting Plans and Specifications
Preparation of Damage Reports and Corrective Cost Estimates

In addition we can fabricate mock-ups and other visual aids as well as re-create limited accident scenarios (when possible).

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