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Eleuthera Associates, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in expert witness and litigation support relating to construction accidents and claims. The firm is dedicated to providing it clients with unsurpassed objective analysis and opinions. 

With over 30 years of experience, we possess the skills and experience necessary to untangle the complexities associated with construction accidents and claims. When analyzing a case our extensive "hands on in the trenches" experience offers us a  valuable perspective unique to our firm. Ensuring that our clients objectives are met is our greatest priority. Our opinions are derived from meticulous and exhaustive forensic research and analysis.
We can offer our clients assistance with preparation of deposition questions, research, forensic investigations,  simplified  analysis and reports to comprehensive review, research and  analysis as well as formal opinions and testimony.

In addition to decades of experience we continue to be actively engaged in the construction contracting  industry. As such, we are current with the latest industry standards and methods. The knowledge and experience gained by being part of the industry provides us with the unique insight that may prove to be a considerable advantage, particularly in settling complex cases.

If you represent a law firm looking for an Expert that will treat your case with the professionalism and importance it deserves, please contact us. 

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